Automating & segregating your business model

Although simple to deliver at first sight, automation & orchestration have become critical and complex in a highly connected digital ecosystem environment.

Veggo helps you automate your processes by removing the bottlenecks slowing them down. Our solution shifts a wide variety of time-consuming back-office processes linked to email & workflow management in the automatic field. Its accelerators are based on an open architecture that will integrate with any existing IT system.

Reduce cost and operational risk through increased automation

Make high value transactions and key customer requests clearer than ever.

Accelerate prioritization and decision making.

Boost business process efficiency

Dramatically shorten processes time through optimal task allocation, while delivering quality services to stakeholders.

Enhance customer experience

Enable your company to meet client digital expectations.
Offering a comprehensive and intuitive user interface providing real-time tracking and processing.

Ready-to-use Use Case

Collateral Email Channel Automation
Collateral Email Channel Automation

Email reading and integration into processes (transaction, alert,..)
Operational risk/operational efficiency/customer experience improvement

Limits control and Oversights
Limits control and Oversights

Reduction of operational risk for critical processes must follow a specific governance (risk limits, budget,…). Send email and reminders to key participants of the workflow.