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Market infrastructure

Market Infrastructures have to quickly adapt their processes to the ever-growing volumes and range of products they are trading.

In the current business environment, digital challenges are ranked as top priority.

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Market infrastructure

Today, Market Infrastructures are dealing with :

New products & higher volumes

Development of new complex products, including growth of the sustainable finance, has impacted the market infrastructure. At the same time, actors must deal with higher volumes. The complexification of the marketplace raises innovation and time-to-market challenges.

More and more clients with interoperability

Higher costs and reduced margin in a competitive environment make customer attractiveness important. Interoperability enables clients to transact with all providers more easily.

Data and digital interfaces in the ecosystem

Market infrastructure institutions are facing increasing demands for services that are accessible, transparent, and global. Companies must simplify their processes and digitize them to provide customers with easy access to services.

Enhanced payment and liquidity management services

Functional and technical consolidation of payment and liquidity management services (eg. T2-T2S consolidation, ECMS) must be carried out aligned with new market standards (ISO20022).

Non-exhaustive list of solutions

Monitor and optimize collateral

Inventory, Optimal allocation decision support, Valuation & Haircut, Eligibility Checks

Integrate message & payments

Trades/Payments acquisition and routing, Regulatory compliance (DSP2, EPI)

Manage tax, invoice & billing strategy

Digital tax administration and analytics, Billing price and quote, invoice fulfillment, and regulatory compliance management

In a nutshell


Of increase in the number of the market infrastructure providers worldwide with fully modernized technology stacks is predicted for 2025 (1)


Of rise in the number of cloud-ready applications is estimated between 2021 and 2025


Of worldwide CIOs are in the planning phase for crypto-related services and models for digital insurance (2)

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