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In an ever-growing and complexified ecosystem, Veggo empowers CIB and Asset Management industries with easy-to-use developing tools so they can catch up with digital transformation top priorities.

As experts in banking solutions, we have a business-oriented understanding of the current challenges faced by the industry.


Today Corporate & Investment Bankers and Asset Managers are facing :

An evolving relationship with customer

Customers have more needs than ever. Front office activities & infrastructure are impacted by these new requests, needing to provide not only customers with products but also with services and investments advisory.

Increasing complexity of the market ecosystem

Multiplication of regulations is leading to a highly competitive environment. In such a context, innovation & time-to-market are the new top challenges for CIB & AM actors to approach.

A standardisation of the operating model

New clients and products combined with an increase in digitalization investments have led to a reduction of margins. Operating model must be simplified to become more efficient and automated.

A constraint in project execution

Development of complex IT-oriented projects requires specific digital skills.

What do our solutions cover?

Develop portals & exposition of solutions

Onboarding, API, decision & tools for clients, intelligent communication channels enrolment, after sales

Digitalise collaborative documents & contract documents

Data collection, workflow creation, reporting tailor-made (regulatory, financial…), KPI

Develop cross assets components

Allocation, risk diversification

Manage flows

Collateral, Total Cost of Acquisition reports, set of pre-trade/post trade controls, corporate actions automation modules, reconciliation of all transactions between industry system and custodian systems (positions, accounting)

Explore our Low-Code No-Code solutions

EASY Collateral Platform

EASY Collateral Platform

Your digital platform to optimize your liquidity and collateral


The most robust digital solution to optimize and automate asset allocations

EASY Collateral for ECB

Collateral Management and connection with ECB made easy with EASY Collateral by VERMEG.

EASY Collateral for CB & CCP

A digital lighthouse for global Collateral Management.

Fast Track

The digital client onboarding platform supporting the full life-cycle.

Default Management

An integrated digital application to manage Clearing Members (CM) default situation. 

Collateral Email Channel Automation

AI Powered email processing solution to streamline and improve email processing, response and task management efficiency.

Digital Commercial Agreement

A fully-digital modular solution that covers 100% of the distribution value chain, centralizing the partner and institution commercial agreements management, from onboarding to payment commissions.

Oversight Limits

A digital platform for a seamless and automated end-to-end subscription process for Life Individual solutions, from KYC requirements to contract issuance.


The solution is a user-friendly flow integration application for all formats of data, protocols and files for any institution exchanging messages between two or more applications / information systems It enables the implementation and management of all the flows required for collective and institutional management.

Xchanger For Payments

Swiss army knife solution to process payment flows solution through a configured and flexible workflow built with a serial of well-defined steps (split, conversion, outrooting, format-control, duplication for control…).

In a nutshell


Of corporate banks worldwide expect to invest over €30 million digital over the next three years (1)


Of corporate banks have started their digital transformation (worldwide) (2)


Of cost reduction regarding the client-onboarding journey processes for the AM leaders in digital transformation

Source :

(1) Mckinsey article : Achieving digital alpha in asset management

(2)McKinsey Working Papers on Corporate & Investment Banking : Leveraging the Digital Potential In Corporate Banking