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Veggo Platform

Veggo is a financial industry specific Low-Code No-Code Platform encapsulating VERMEG’s 25 years of unique technical and functional expertise in leading digital transformation of global industry leaders.

Veggo empowers teams to build better, faster, and legacy constraint free solutions, for accelerated innovation and increased agility.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Agility

Reduced Cost

Increased productivity


With our extended Marketplace, our Veggo users enjoy endless opportunities to build their own applications allowing a perfect match to their needs and an accelerated go to market time.

What we offer

Build your own processes and workflows with Veggo Platform

Our component store provides the building blocks you need to create your own applications. Our team will assist you at the beginning of your development process to help you get started. With the drag-and-drop methodology, no complex IT skills are needed: you just have to choose the components and connectors that suit your needs. Reusable assets and components  created by other Veggo users are also available on the shelf.


Get a pre-designed ready to use business solution

We have in store a large range of already existing uses cases which are ready-to-use that we have developed thanks to our vertical expertise in financial industries. veggo’s community of users are here to answer your question and share their experiences.

Let’s design together the perfect solution you require

Let us help you build the solution you need

We’ll work in close collaboration with you to build a tailor-made on-demand solution, addressing your specific need. Our expertise in Insurance, Market Infrastructure, Corporate Investment Banking and Asset Management is a true accelerator to your project delivery and warrant guarantee of success.

Technical presentation

Technical presentation

LCNC platforms streamline the process of deploying computerized workflows. Users visually select and connect on-the-shelf components, which are made available in a plug-and-play manner.



Veggo’s Marketplace offers reusable, open code modules, connectors, UI components, and business solutions to help users make customized solutions that meet their business needs.  Simply by dragging and dropping  the relevant components software, users can easily build customized applications.

What clients say about us

The first difficulty we face when starting digital transformation is the alignment of all the company actors to make sure that everybody has the same vision.
Then, the capacity of execution and especially being able to admit when there is a mistake and to start over. Making mistakes helps to better learn what is significant.

-Fabien Azavant, Caceis