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Use cases

Uses Cases are ready-to-plug applications that meet specific business transformation challenges, immediately operational for bank and insurance companies.

There are about 25 Uses Cases available today, growing every year, covering four main categories.

Use cases
improved data management

Creating efficiency through improved-data management

Today, companies encounter many major problems linked to Data.

Through Veggo, discover how you gain the ability to visually represent, process, rectify, and seamlessly integrate data from various sources, thereby enhancing the value of your data assets in a more efficient manner.

Automating & segregating your business model

Process Automation is one of the most difficult, yet most critical tasks in the banking industry.

Our solution addresses an extensive range of laborious back-office tasks associated with email and workflow management, seamlessly transitioning them into the realm of automation. Built on an open architecture, its accelerators harmonize with any pre-existing IT system.

Ready-to-use Business Solutions

Ready-to-use Business Solutions

Veggo’s ready to use business solutions provide on-the-shelf applications answering common issues encountered within banking and insurance, such as : regulatory compliance, KYC and onboarding processes, collateral management, payment workflows…

Designing efficient user experience

With its Front-end/UI Building solution, Veggo enables users to build e-portals or front-end applications meeting digital client journeys expectations. Easy, fast, at scale