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In an environment characterized by intense competition, heightened risks, and stringent regulations, insurance companies must enhance their capacity to swiftly and affordably undergo transformation and adjustment.

Benefiting from an extensive array of readily implementable solutions in a “plug and play” format, Veggo enhances your digital transformation journey.

With Veggo, we enable teams to construct superior, quicker, and unconstrained solutions, fostering expedited innovation and heightened agility.


Today, Insurance industry is facing :

Ever-growing regulatory constraints

Regulatory changes encouraging greater operational involvement from compliance, risk, and control functions in the fight against fraud and whistleblowing.

New expectations from customers

The insurance industry is now a partner for their customers by providing a better visibility on operational processes and underwriting. This allows insurers to identify key business opportunity. An improved customer experience requires an eco-system approach to customer interactions, as well as hyper-customized and unified customer data.

Growing appetite for value-added services

To ensure customer satisfaction, insurers need to position themselves as a service provider in a context of standardization of the offer. Information must be exhaustive, understandable and accessible in order to better customer knowledge and improve services quality.

A complex IT ecosystem

The Insurance industry has long struggled with a congested and overcomplicated IT ecosystem. Diversified and complex technology layers need to be unified through an agile technology. 

What do our solutions cover?

Improve KYC strategy, create customer journeys and improve client retention

Onboarding, enrolment, after sales

Develop portals & exposition of solutions

API, decision & tools for clients, intelligent communication channels

Digitalise collaborative documents & contract documents

Data collection, workflow creation, reporting tailor-made (regulatory, financial…), KPI

Develop distribution Network

Contract negotiation, lifecycle of the commercial agreement (modification, cancellation,...), commissioning calculation module

Automate quoting pricing strategy

Price quotes based on more parameters than ever before, real time and dynamic pricing

Explore our Low-Code No-Code solutions

Individual life and health insurance

A digital solution for a seamless and automated end-to-end subscription process for Life Individual solutions, from KYC requirements to contract issuance.

Group Insurance Member Enrolment

A seamless and automated end-to-end digital onboarding solution for Group Insurance.


The solution is a user-friendly flow integration application for all formats of data, protocols and files for any institution exchanging messages between two or more applications / information systems It enables the implementation and management of all the flows required for collective and institutional management.

Money For Life

Selfcare portal for Employee/Member (EE) and Employer/ (ER) to manage savings, Corporate Savings, achieve retirement objectives using what if scenarios.

Digital Commercial Agreement

A fully-digital modular solution that covers 100% of the distribution value chain, centralizing the partner and institution commercial agreements management, from onboarding to payment commissions.

In a nutshell


Only of insurance subscribers say they are understanding their insurance contracts(1)


Of managers say they are worried about regulatory changes(2)


Of customers are more likely to buy from a company providing customized customer experiences(3)

(1)ACPR (study from 2021)
(3)Study from Deloitte 2022 on hyper-customization