Digital Transformation Challenge

Digital transformation is placed at the heart of VERMEG’s strategy.

Various challenges of digital transformation within companies in the Banking and Insurance sector. They have to catch up with digital innovation to face the new market challenges, dealing with regulators, competitors and customers needs. For each company, the digital transformation is unique, depending on the core functions, but also on the legacy systems.
Thanks to it’s deep knowledge of the market, and to expertise within customers, Veggo Low Code No Code platform provides with specific solutions adapted to the particular business challenges in each industry.

How to succeed in the digital transformation? What are the solutions to be used? Which difficulties can be faced? What are the keys of success of digital transformation?

VERMEG offers a Large range of ready to use apps, addressing specific Banking & Insurance businesses needs, developed through an industry-specialized & highly performant LCNC Plateform.

“Veggo” results from VERMEG’s 25 years of expertise in leading the digital transformation of global industry leaders.

‘’Veggo” Offers high level of autonomy (with no development skills required), a seamless integration with existing systems and a faster go to market timeline.

We believe that the digitalization is a lot of modern new and fancy things. It is also a lot of packaging on top of old things, the world is a cohabitation of technologies from different ages, and that we have to create agility among all these.

VERMEG’s strength lies in mastering both the business and the technology

Badreddine Ouali- Founder & Co-Ceo